Studio Apartment Plan Examples

A studio apartment, or studio flat, is a living space containing a single main room, plus a bathroom. The main room functions as the kitchen, living room, office, and bedroom for the unit, with no walls separating the rooms. Studio apartment plans are generally on the small side, typically at about 250 sq ft (about 25 m2). This is in contrast to Loft apartments which are usually larger spaces that can be divided into more rooms or areas.

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Studio Apartment 3D Plan Examples

Because studio apartments have such a small size, they are best suited for a single person or a couple. The close quarters and lack of privacy are usually a little too much for two roommates. That being said, a studio apartment can be a reasonable option for college students who are used to compact living areas.

Typical Floor Plans and Layouts

A studio apartment floor plan is often designed in the shape of a simple rectangle. Another great option is an L shape, with a bedroom on one side, which provides a bit of separation from the living room and kitchen. From there, layouts can vary.

Some studio apartment plans will provide an area for a stacked washer and dryer - perhaps in a closet, the bathroom, or even the kitchen. Others may have a coat or linen closet. For maximum storage, look for a floor plan with a walk-in closet near where you will locate the bed.

For the kitchen, it’s important that every bit of space counts, so look for upper and lower cabinets for storage. Plus, notice if there is a spot near the kitchen to place a small dining table, which can also do double-duty as a desk or workspace. Since the bed will be in the same room as the kitchen, one of the most important things to consider is quiet appliances, particularly if you are a light sleeper. Who wants to hear the refrigerator, ice maker, or dishwasher at night?

In the bathroom, a vanity sink with cabinets plus a mirrored medicine cabinet will help you make the best use of the space. The size of the bathroom and amenities such as a walk-in shower vs a bathtub will vary across studio floor plans.

Since space will be tight in a studio, you’ll want to play around with furniture arrangements to make sure you can fit your key pieces into the area. Large floor-to-ceiling windows or mirrors can make a unit feel more extensive. That being said, if you like a dark room, make sure that you can find window coverings to block the light in the morning.

Design Ideas for a Studio Apartment

With several “rooms” combined into one, it’s nice to have defined spaces, and one of our favorite ideas is to use rugs to define the space. Choose a floor rug for the “living room” and place a sofa and coffee table on it. Or use a rug to define the bedroom area.

Another way to define the various spaces is by hanging curtains from the wall around the bed. Or, use a bookshelf or a simple folding room divider to define the living room and bedroom area

Be sure to choose furniture that can do double-duty. For example, a platform bed with drawers underneath, an entry bench with cubbies for shoes or bags, even a coffee table that can convert into a dining table. You get the idea!

If you want to hide your bed during the day, take a look at the latest wallbeds, or consider a loft bed with a desk, storage, or reading area underneath.

With some planning and creativity, you can set up a cozy and comfortable studio apartment.

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