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Home Office Ideas

With RoomSketcher it’s easy to plan and visualize your home office ideas. Create your floor plan, furnish and decorate, then visualize in 3D. Have a look at some of our home office ideas - all created in the app!

Home office idea with pops of pink color

Add a Splash of Color

Color is a fantastic way to energize your home office but you want to be careful how you use it. Too many colors can be distracting. Our favorite idea is to choose one main color and use it to create a focal point. Use paint or wallpaper to create an accent wall, add a fun colored piece of furniture or add some color to your cabinets.

Home office in living room

Curtain it Off

Having your home office in a central location like a living room can have its benefits. It may be the room with the best light and the additional seating can make a great meeting space. However, sometimes you may not always want your work space to be a part of your living space. A simple lightweight divider like a curtain can be a great way to create that sense of separation.

Home office ideas partner desks

Make a Creative Partners Desk

Need to share your home office? Create a sculptural and light partners desk by placing two corner desks together in the center of the room. You’ll each have your own desktop but still create that partners desk feel. Mix your desk chairs for an individual look or match them for a symmetrical look. Locate your storage within reach behind the desks to keep the look light and airy. An area rug will define the office space and complete the look.

Chic home office design

Create a Wall of Storage

No matter how big or small your home office is, you’ll need storage. This design has plenty with a wall of storage drawers. Create a built-in look and lots of storage with a row of simple and inexpensive dressers. The dresser tops create additional counter space and room to spread out.

Home office desk under stairs

Take Advantage of Unused Spaces

Do you have an unused space? In this design, the desk and shelves fit perfectly below a set of stairs. A room corner with a quirky set back or even an underutilized closet can provide a great space for your home office.

Feminine bedroom with home office

Create a Cozy Quiet Corner

Sometimes the best location is a quiet corner in a bedroom or guest room. Make yours cozy with some decorative wallpaper, a soft rug and an inviting chair. Place a mirror above the desk to reflect light and to allow your desk to double as a vanity when needed.

Living room with home office desk green

Make it the Focus

You don’t have to hide your home office or tuck it in the corner. You can make it the focus by placing it at the head of the room and facing your desk inward. This home office commands this room and the fun painted desk makes it a great focal point.

Feeling Inspired?

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