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Bedroom Ideas

Plan and visualize your bedroom ideas, online. Create your bedroom floor plan, add furniture, paint walls and so much more. Then visualize in 2D and impressive 3D. Check out these favorite bedroom ideas - all created in the RoomSketcher App.

Master bedroom with green wallapaper

Add Wallpaper

Add a wallpaper to create a fun accent wall for an easy bedroom update. Choose one wall to be the focal point for your room and add a wallpaper of your choosing. For this bedroom we selected a beautiful, floral wallpaper in a green color. This highlights the bed and gives it a more majestic appearance. Then, add some fun accessories in similar colors to tie the look together.

Bedroom design idea

Switch up the Nightstands

Frame your bed with a set of interesting and sculptural side tables instead of nightstands. This is a great way to give your bedroom a new look. When selecting side tables, look for tables that are at least the height of your mattress or they will look too small. Then, add a pair of tall decorative lamps.

Masculine master bedroom with custom headboard

Create a Custom Headboard

If you have a platform bed, create a custom headboard by simply applying a material to the wall behind the bed. In this bedroom, we applied a wood paneling to the wall behind the bed to create a custom headboard. The dark stained wood finish complements the platform bed color, and ties the bedroom and the nightstands together visually. You can make your headboard the full height of the wall or stop it part way up. To determine the minimum height for your headboard, prop up your pillows and measure 6”-8” (15-20 cm) above that.

Master bedroom relaxing corner with lounge chair

Create a Cozy Corner

Beds can make a bedroom layout feel very linear and square. You can prevent this by placing a comfortable upholstered chair in one of the corners. This softens the corner of the room and encourages circulation. If there's room, add a small side table, some artwork and an ottoman to make it a cozy and inviting place to relax.

Apartment bedroom with blue walls

Try a Dark Wall Color

Try a dark wall color for a bold bedroom update. Darker walls create an intimate and inviting feeling in a room. They are great for living rooms, libraries, dining rooms and bedrooms. When you use a dark color on the walls, keep the floor and ceiling finishes lighter. The blue wall color in this bedroom highlights the bed, making it the focal point of the room. Add some throw pillows in a similar color to complete the look.

Hotel style bedroom idea with upholstered chairs

Add Hotel Details

You can pick up some great furnishing tricks from hotel rooms. Hotel room designers are masters of designing comfortable bedrooms for sleeping and lounging. Here’s a great hotel detail that will give your bedroom a touch of luxury. Add a pair of comfortable and inviting upholstered chairs at the end of a bed to provide a place for reading and relaxing.

Bedroom interior with tropical wallpaper

Create a Theme

Do you have wallpaper or artwork that you love? Use it to create a theme for your bedroom design. We took this very basic bedroom and transformed it into an oasis with wallpaper. You can use wallpaper to create urban themes, garden themes, forest scenes and more. In this bedroom idea, the palm leaf wallpaper and photograph above the bed creates a theme that transports you instantly to the tropics.

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