Primary Bathroom Floor Plans

The primary (or master) bathroom is usually the largest and nicest bathroom in a house or apartment. It often has one or two sinks, a toilet, a shower, and even a standalone bathtub. Luxurious versions may include upgraded fixtures and materials, a separate room for the toilet, a spacious walk-in shower, a soaking tub with a view, a specialized makeup area, custom storage, a TV screen, heated towel racks, and many other high-end features.

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Rectangular Master Bathroom Layout With Tropical Décor 3D Flor Plan

Are you ready to design a gorgeous primary bathroom floor plan for your home? A beautiful, spa-like zone in which to relax after a long day? Below we’ll share layouts and ideas to inspire you.

Typical Primary Bathroom Sizes

In a smaller home, you may find a primary bathroom of 40 - 50 sq feet (3.7 - 4.6 m2). While this is a compact size, you can still create a full bathroom, complete with a sink and toilet, plus the ability to shower or take a bath, by using a combined tub/shower unit. Another option for this size primary bath floor plan is to create a ¾ bath, containing one or two sinks, a toilet, and a walk-in shower. To make a small primary bathroom seem larger and more luxurious, it’s important to eliminate clutter - so choose a vanity and medicine cabinet with plenty of storage to hide your bathroom supplies. Next, use beautiful and simple materials, such as large format tiles for the floor, glass walls for the shower, plus a single-piece countertop on the vanity. To create a spa-like ambiance, install towel hooks near the shower.

In many homes, the primary bathroom floor plan falls in a mid-size range of 50 -100 sq feet (3.7 - 9.3 m2). With this amount of space, you can easily configure the layout as a comfortable full bathroom with two sinks, a toilet, a walk-in shower, plus a standalone bathtub. If privacy is a priority, you’ll find some primary bathroom floor plans in this size range include a separate room for the toilet. Since a separate room takes extra space, there may be some tradeoffs - could you forgo the standalone tub or choose a combined tub/shower unit, for example? It all depends on which features are the most important for you!

Luxurious Upgrades

The floor plans for large, luxurious primary bathrooms can be 100 sq ft (9.3 m2) and larger. At this size, there is plenty of space to fit in the latest cool features and options, such as:!

  • Two sinks and abundant counter space
  • A spacious walk-in shower with multiple spray nozzles or a steam shower
  • An infrared sauna
  • A standalone statement bathtub with a view
  • A heated towel warmer
  • One (or even two!) private toilet rooms
  • A separate seated makeup area with custom lighting
  • A dressing area
  • A wall-mounted TV for catching up on the news, weather, etc before you head out
  • Built-in custom cabinetry and storage areas
  • Top-of-the-line materials and fixtures: marble countertops and large-format tile floors, high-end fixtures, and appliances

If you are planning to remodel an existing bathroom, or add a bathroom to your home, the layouts below are a great place to start. Have fun customizing them to create your perfect primary bathroom.

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