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Bathroom Ideas

Plan and visualize your bathroom ideas online. Draw up walls, add doors and windows, plus furniture and accessories. Then visualize in 2D and 3D. Check out these favorite bathroom ideas, all created in the RoomSketcher App.

Add an Accent Tile

Adding an accent tile is a great way to update a bathroom. Choose one wall to be the focal point for your room. For bathrooms, the back wall tends to be the best. Add a colored mosaic or patterned tile. In this room, we used a green mosaic tile to evoke nature and to complement the wood finish on the vanity.

>Boho bathroom style with neutral color scheme

Set the Tub Free

Add a centerpiece to your bathroom with a fabulous freestanding tub. They are a bathroom upgrade that adds value to your home and a sense of luxury to the room. Clawfoot tubs are no longer the only option. The new freestanding tub designs are sculptural, modern and fluid looking – the perfect centerpiece for any bathroom design.

Contemporary scandinavian bathroom design with large mirror

Mirror a Wall

Add a mirror across a whole wall to double the look and feel of your bathroom. This is a great technique to make small or narrow bathrooms feel larger. Locate the mirror either above the vanity or along one side wall. Mirror walls are also great for reflecting light, so you get more light from your light fixtures and windows.

Bathroom design with purple accent wall

Try a Dark Wall Color

Try a dark wall color to create an intimate and inviting feeling in a bathroom. When you use a dark wall color in a bathroom keep the ceiling finish light or you’ll make the room feel smaller. This bathroom has a patterned tile above the tub and a dark lavender-gray wall color that matches the background of the accent tile. The dark wall color highlights the accent wall and makes it the focal point of the room.

WC design with floor plans

Separate the Water Closet

A water closet set in its own separate little area is a welcome addition in any bathroom. It adds privacy and makes it possible for more than one person to use the room. The water closet in this bathroom design was created from an oversized linen closet. It’s a better use of the space and doubles the capacity of the room.

Bohemian bathroom deign with pink tiles

Add a Fun Floor Material

Bathrooms are a great place to have fun with flooring because they are not too large. Try patterned tiles, mosaics, penny tiles, or beautiful stone or marble tiles. This bathroom has a gorgeous pink patterned tile. When you use patterns on a bathroom floor, keep your wall finishes simple. This allows the floor to be the star of your design.

Boho-Chic bathroom design with orange accent colors

Accessorize With Color

Update a bathroom easily with colorful bathroom décor. Orange bath mats inspire the color scheme for this bathroom idea. When you accessorize with color in a bathroom, stick to one color to create a color theme. If you want to include some pattern, restrict it to one item such as a shower curtain, to create a focal point and to keep the design from looking too busy.

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